AFTC is offering an exciting opportunity for our multi-engine pilots. We have purchased a second Seneca II aircraft. This will be available for checkout and rentals by appropriately rated and experienced pilots. This is a beautiful 1979 Seneca II with air conditioning, flight director and autopilot.

The checkout requirements are as follows:

1. Private or Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate
2. 500 hours total time
3. Instrument rating
4. 100 hours multi-engine / retract time
5. 25 hours of Seneca time
6. Aircraft checkout by AFTC instructor

In lieu of #4, 25 hours dual in type by an AFTC instructor.

In lieu of #5, 5 hours dual in type by an AFTC instructor.

The rate for this aircraft would be the same as N102LL and we are considering some block time discount options. There will be more info on that when it is available. If you are interested in a checkout, please call Rick at 623-877-9334 or email