AFTC can take you from zero time through the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

You will find that AFTC is different than many of the other flight schools.  While we are approved by the FAA under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, we conduct all of our training on a custom basis.  This means that we believe that a flight school should respond to the needs of the student, not the opposite.

At AFTC you will find professional men and women who are passionate about aviation and helping you attain your goals, whether they are to become a Sport Pilot, Private Pilot or even a Corporate or Airline Pilot..  

AFTC does not require you to sign a training contract or prepay for training.  This allows you flexibility in your training that responds to the demands of the industry at the present time.  Having to sign up for a complete training program that binds you to a specific career track is not the most flexible and efficient.

What does this mean?  Basically, we like our Career Pilot Students to focus on their first three certificates and ratings:

Once you complete these three courses, we will sit down with you and evaluate both your career goals as well as the state of the industry as it exists at that time.  There are several ways to finish off your training, depending on where you want to take your career.  For example, if your goal is to be an airline pilot, you may choose to build your flight experience flying traffic watch, or aerial photography or even tow gliders.  We would have you complete a single-engine add-on course and help launch your career in that direction.  You may also choose a time building package.  You might choose to flight instruct and build time that way.  We can tailor a Flight Instructor program to launch your career in that direction.

Contact an AFTC representative to discuss the Professional Pilot Program.

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