Arizona Flight Training Center is primarily a domestic training provider but can train international students under certain circumstances

AFTC does not participate in the USCIS SEVIS program and is not able to provide the I20 Form for the M1 visa.  There are, however, other visas that are eligible for training at AFTC.  The following are a few common visas and your ability to use them at AFTC:

B1 / B2Any alien who is permitted to enter the United States on a B-1 or B-2 visitor’s status visa is prohibited from enrolling in a course of study.
Legal permanent resident (Green Card Holder)May train at AFTC
H visa (H1/H2, etc.)May train at AFTC
F1 visaMay train at AFTC provided that the student is still enrolled and attending the college or university as shown on the F-1 and the student has notified SEVIS of the additional training being received at a non-SEVIS approved school.

The above information is provided as a guide and is not to be considered legal advice.  Please visit http://www.uscis.gov for more information.

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