AFTC can take you from your Commercial Helicopter certificate to the Commercial Multi-Engine Land Certificate

Looking to transition from helicopters to fixed-wing aircraft?  Looking to take advantage of the unprecedented hiring and tuition reimbursement that is going on in the regional and major airlines?  The AFTC Rotor Transition Program has been created just for you.

AFTC offers a Rotor Transition Program to quickly and efficiently bridge the regulatory requirements between the Commercial Rotorcraft Certificate and the Commercial Mult-Engine Land Certificate.  

There are three courses that comprise the Rotor Transition Program:

  1. FAA Private Pilot, Single-Engine Land Certificate – this course will give you the necessary instruction to add a fixed-wing PPL to your license.  It consists of 20 hours of dual instruction in a Cessna 172, 10 hours solo and preflight and postflight briefings.
  2. FAA Instrument Rating – Single Engine Land – this course will add on the Instrument Rating to your fixed-wing PPL.  It consists of 15 hours of dual instruction and preflight and postflight briefings.
  3. FAA Commercial Multi-Engine Land Certificate – this course will provide a Commercial Multi-Engine initial.  It consists of 23 hours of dual instruction in a multi-engine aircraft, 12 hours of dual-crew timebuilding in a Cessna 172, 12 hours of ground instruction and preflight and postflight briefings.
  4. Timebuilding – this course will bring your total fixed wing time up to the minimum 250 hours required by the airlines.  You will fly with another rated pilot, one under the hood, working on instrument skills over cross-country routes.  The actual amount of hours in this course will depend on the amount of fixed wing time that you have previously logged.

Prerequisites for this program are:  Commercial Rotorcraft Certificate with Instrument Rating, FAA Class 2 medical or higher.

We are currently training students who are under contract with the following airlines:

Contact an AFTC representative for additional information and associated costs.

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