ATP – Airline Transport Pilot

Arizona Flight Training Center offers military aviators the professional level of flight training they require to attain their civilian ratings.

AFTC has extensive experience with assisting military aviators earn their Airline Transport Pilot rating.  The program has a proven track record.  Satisfied ATPs from all over the world have trained with AFTC instructors.  

AFTC has several programs for military aviators who wish to transition to the world of civilian aviation.  Students are provided flight and ground training for ATP multi and single-engine ratings, as well as initial and add-on flight instructor ratings for those who qualify.

AFTC Has helped hundreds of military pilots transition into civilian careers

With almost 350 days of sunshine each year, Arizona has the perfect climate for flight training. In spite of that fact, AFTC knows that you can’t afford to waste precious time with delays and red tape, so the accelerated courses that AFTC offers are designed to help you in every way possible to finish your training on time. They are concise and well organized. Training is provided by flight instructors with the highest credentials and thousands of hours of experience.  

Typically, the AFTC ATP multi-engine course can be completed in three working days and the single-engine add-on in one.  AFTC has the experience you need to get you through your ATP/CFI check-ride with confidence. 

The experienced staff of AFTC instructors and pilot examiners are able to provide the military professional with a course of training that assures that he or she will meet the level of competency required to pass the ATP or CFI check-ride in the shortest amount of time possible with the desired results.

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