Airline Agreements

AFTC is proud to work with a variety of U.S. based airlines for curriculum development, pilot placement and tuition reimbursement.  This allows for exceptional opportunities for AFTC graduates.  The following represent the formal agreements that AFTC has in place:

GoJet Wingman Pipeline Program

The GoJet Wingman Pipeline Program is a long-term partnership between GoJet Airlines and student pilots (Wingman) enrolled in the AFTC Professional Pilot Program.  The program is designed to help qualified students seamlessly bridge to airline careers, and begins early in the training development process.  Participants have the opportunity to observe training classes in St. Louis at the GoJet Company Headquarters, sit in meetings with the GoJet Flight Operations Leadership Team, and receive a mentor who will provide technical insights and opportunities for professional growth.  This program will enrich the educational experience and career opportunities of any participating future aviation professional.

Interested candidates can apply here

Pilot Benefits While Participating in the GoJet Wingman Pipeline Program:

  • An intern position (Wingman) with GoJet Airlines provides a pathway to a First Officer position at the Airline once the pilot has met RATP or ATP minimums.  The candidate will be placed in an accelerated hiring pool if an immediate position is not open at the time the pilot meets RATP or ATP minimums.
  • Pilot will receive a GoJet Airlines non-crew company badge.
  • Eligible to participate in the GoJet Pilot Referral Program. Referral bonuses are paid upon the students’ successful completion of New Hire Initial Training with GoJet Airlines.
  • Eligible to receive airline training materials and participate in airline training events in advance of the student’s New Hire Initial Training.
  • Expedited interview and entry into GoJet Airlines.
  • Eligible for $10,000 in tuition reimbursement upon successful completion of GoJet’s New Hire Initial Training which will be paid in 3 increments during the Pilot’s first year of active service with GoJet.
  • Flight Benefits for the student. (Limitations apply)
  • A GoJet Airlines Captain or experienced First Officer will be assigned as a mentor to all students participating in the pipeline program.

GoJet Rotor Transition Program

The GoJet Rotor Transition Program is a long-term partnership for GoJet Airlines and professional helicopter pilots wishing to transition into a Part 121 Airline career.

Details of the GoJet Rotor Transition Program:

  • Prospective candidates interview with GoJet.  If selected, the candidates may participate in the program and are offered a conditional offer of employment.
  • GoJet agrees to pay up to $26,000.00 of tuition assistance per pilot participating in the Rotor Transition program (depending on pilot experience and hours required to meet airline minimums).
  • Pilot agrees to a promissory note and commitment contract with GoJet.