AFTC offers a variety of aircraft time building programs designed to get you the hours you need in the most cost efficient manner. Whether it is your first flying job or your next flying job, AFTC can get you there quickly and for the least amount of money!

Seneca Time Building Program (Multi-Engine Piston)

Upon enrollment, we will send you a home study guide that will require approximately 10 hours of home study prior to your arrival. On your first day, you will attend a ground school class designed prepare you for your first flight. You will begin your first flight that afternoon. Each flight will require an AFTC instructor on board.The flights will be approximately 5 hours each.  Flights will be conducted on a daily basis.

Ground School (4 hours) $250

Flight Time (wet)  $310 per hour, minimum 10 hour block (prepaid)*

*Price includes instructor

Cessna 172 Time Building Program (Single Engine Piston)

Our Cessna 172P aircraft are instrument rated and equipped with Garmin 430’s. Our Cessna 172SP have the NavPak II King avionics suite.  Each flight must have 2 instrument rated pilots on board. The flights will be conducted under simulated instrument conditions so both pilots may log flight time. Upon landing at the destination, the pilots can rotate positions for the return flight.

Safety Check Flight $175 per hour (price includes the instructor)

Flight Time (wet)  $124 per hour 172P and $134 per hour 172SP, minimum 10 hour block (prepaid)*

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